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Spring round-up

(image by pirate057 on flickr licensed under Creative Commons Attribution)

With the ancient British ceremony of the forgetting-to-turn-the-clocks-back properly observed and Spring almost upon us, which will presumably herald a change in the weather from dark and miserable to just plain miserable, it’s time for a quick catch-up on what I’ve been up to over the past month or so.

I attended my first wedding of the year, which also happened to be the first wedding of friends of mine from university (congratulations Chloe and Mike), a joyful and also slightly terrifying occasion as it represents another milestone along the bumpy road towards becoming an adult. Of course it was a fantastic booze-up with much dancing and posh nibbles. I do love a good wedding. I’ve also been back on the internet getting addicted to another game from those talented Aussies at Iron Helmet, Blight of the Immortals, a considerably more friendly and less all consuming experience than the equally excellent Neptune’s Pride. I’ve also been pondering on the internet and notions of privacy and openness, but more on that in another blogpost.

Away from the computer screen I’ve been getting my hands all inky doing some screen-printing for an up-coming exhibition at the Stew Gallery, scratching an itch to do some more pure typography, but you’ll have to wait to see the finished piece when it’s exhibited next month. Finally I pottered along to the brilliantly eccentric and eclectic Shop Art Live, a celebration that culminates a month or so of art works being put up in empty shop windows around Norwich city centre. The exhibition included a man discussing a robot he built to play the part of Juliet in a play without actors, children’s face painting, and a paper machee tunnel which you had to crawl through, made by Guy Jarrett and Liam Clark.

Well, dear reader, what have you been up to?