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The wall as a canvas (or Flock you!)

The unexpected is always awesome, unless of course the unexpected is a pigeon shitting on your head when you’re walking to work, which did actually happen to me the other week, true story. Anyway I love coming across things I didn’t expect in places unseemly, but there is a particular alley in Norwich that has surprised me on several occasions. I’m talking, of course, of art.

Did you see it there? I almost missed it, in fact I did a comedy double-take worthy of a cartoon. Some artistic soul has hung a small framed picture of a man with a sheep’s head on the wall. Nice work you.


Making Christmas (cards)

When it comes to design the computer is an unrivaled tool but staring at a screen all day, even doing something as creative as designing takes it’s tole so it’s always fantastic to take a break from it and get my hands dirty with some traditional mark-making techniques. That’s right dear reader, I’ve been screen-printing my own Christmas cards.
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Screenprinting with my own hands!

You might remember last week I was getting very excited about discovering a place to do a bit of screenprinting, and the other night I was able to get my fingers all inky. The results can be seen on my Flickr stream, far from perfect, but really good fun to get away from the computer and get creatively dirty, so to speak.
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Something’s cooking at the Stew Print Rooms

I’ve just got in from the first of a two night screen-printing refresher course at the new Stew Print Rooms just a few streets away in the centre of Norwich. I say new, the Stew has been a gallery space for a while now (since 2008), but more than that it’s a co-operative not-for-profit organization, and the print rooms is their latest endeavor. Two artist-types, Jo and Nicki, are now running an open-access print studio, you just need to become a member. I’m pretty flipping excited about the opportunities for getting my hands dirty again, for the first time in ages. Next week there’s the opportunity to print my own designs so watch out for a bit of inky goodness coming this way soon!

NUCA Private View

On Tuesday evening, attracted by the free booze and lovely sunny weather I went down the road to see the Private View at the Norwich Univeristy for the Creative Arts (or NUCA to without time to waste with unnessacary slyables). The showrooms and street outside was packed with people, but I managed to squeeze my way around most of the courses, but I really need to go back when there’s no-one else around to have a proper look-see, especially at the Graphic Design and Graphic Communication courses.
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It’s all bin happin’

Norfolk has a slightly undeserved reputation for being a little bit backward, but I can tell you it’s all been happening in Norwich recently. Norwich City, Delia Smith’s beloved Canaries, won promotion to the 1st Division of the English football recently and as I walked back through the city tonight I came across a mass of yellow and green awaiting a bus full of the players carrying their hard-won trophy. I hung about for a bit to see them very slowly drive past, because, even though I don’t follow or really care about football, I do love a crowd and a spectacle. The atmosphere was almost carnival with kids on parents shoulders and hawkers, who appear almost magically where ever people gather, flogging everything from whistles to banner size flags.

This month of May is the Norfolk and Norwich Festival with a whole ton of events across the city, including classical music, family theatre, contemporary dance in a temporary hotel erected outside the Forum and a fantastic circus act, La Vie, in a beautiful tent, which I had the utmost pleasure in attending, and which I whole-heartedly recommend anyone going to see if they get the chance. There’s also an ongoing Norwich Fringe with smaller, more unusual artistic-type happenings, full details here.

Norwich is bidding to become the City of Culture in a few years time, and it is a young, artistic, if slightly quirky place. Recently Bristol has become recognized as a pretty trendy and upcoming town. I would say, that if Bristol is the new Brighton, then Norwich will be the new Bristol.

WebSource East conference

Last Friday I attended the Websource East conference with some of the guys from Soak at the rather nice halls of the Kings Centre in Norwich. The room was pretty busy as you can see and it was great to bump into some other designers I knew both former people from Soup and some guys from Spring in Southwold.  It seemed people had come from quite some distance for this, I met a couple of guys who had come across from Birmingham. There was a good buzz in the air especially with the bottomless tea and coffee urns and the promise of a ‘high quality buffet’ for lunch.
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