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The wall as a canvas (or Flock you!)

The unexpected is always awesome, unless of course the unexpected is a pigeon shitting on your head when you’re walking to work, which did actually happen to me the other week, true story. Anyway I love coming across things I didn’t expect in places unseemly, but there is a particular alley in Norwich that has surprised me on several occasions. I’m talking, of course, of art.

Did you see it there? I almost missed it, in fact I did a comedy double-take worthy of a cartoon. Some artistic soul has hung a small framed picture of a man with a sheep’s head on the wall. Nice work you.


New Banksy spotted in Norwich?


Black le Rat! Can it be that the infamous Banksy has spread as far east as Norwich? Or is this Wanksy a new disciple of his?

Can’t remember the road I saw this on, put it was quite exciting.



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