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Screenprinting with my own hands!

You might remember last week I was getting very excited about discovering a place to do a bit of screenprinting, and the other night I was able to get my fingers all inky. The results can be seen on my Flickr stream, far from perfect, but really good fun to get away from the computer and get creatively dirty, so to speak.
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Something’s cooking at the Stew Print Rooms

I’ve just got in from the first of a two night screen-printing refresher course at the new Stew Print Rooms just a few streets away in the centre of Norwich. I say new, the Stew has been a gallery space for a while now (since 2008), but more than that it’s a co-operative not-for-profit organization, and the print rooms is their latest endeavor. Two artist-types, Jo and Nicki, are now running an open-access print studio, you just need to become a member. I’m pretty flipping excited about the opportunities for getting my hands dirty again, for the first time in ages. Next week there’s the opportunity to print my own designs so watch out for a bit of inky goodness coming this way soon!

On the ethics of drugs

I’ve just finished watching Channel 4’s excellent 3 part program Our War on Drugs, a comprehensive study of the current policy on drugs by Angus Macqueen. In it he argues a case for the legalization of drugs, making the point that 40 years of zero-tolerance has simply failed. The supply of drugs has not been halted or even slowed slightly and the demand is rising. The people who are most effected by the drugs trade are the most vulnerable in society and they are being hung to dry while those who are actually profiting from it big time are, by and large, getting away with it.
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I took some photos at Latitude

Summer sun and cider in Suffolk, a festival overshadowed by the two attacks on girls over the weekend, but I had a blast at Latitude last weekend. If you’ve never been here’s a quick overview of how a festival works;

You que to park, que to get your wristband, que for the bar, que for a plate of chips, que for the loo, standing still watching bands (like being in a que), repeat for three days then que to leave again. It’s bloody fantastic.

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The World Cup, an internet retrospective

With the World Cup over, the male population (and a goodly proportion of the female population) of the planet are coming to terms with the fact that they no longer have an excuse to go to the pub four or five nights a week. I do love football, not that I have much interest in following any team in particular, I just love the game and I’ve enjoyed all the highs and lows and especially the instant conversation topic I have with complete strangers.
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New Blood, the circus comes round again

Over the last week the once-a-year design-meat-market that is D&AD’s New Blood show has been held in the design hub of Shoreditch, East London in the Old Truman Brewery, and last Saturday I made the trek down from Norwich to take a look. My experiences of this, really well-respected, event are pretty ghastly and unenjoyable, but was a real shock wake-up call of how competitive the design industry is.
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NUCA Private View

On Tuesday evening, attracted by the free booze and lovely sunny weather I went down the road to see the Private View at the Norwich Univeristy for the Creative Arts (or NUCA to without time to waste with unnessacary slyables). The showrooms and street outside was packed with people, but I managed to squeeze my way around most of the courses, but I really need to go back when there’s no-one else around to have a proper look-see, especially at the Graphic Design and Graphic Communication courses.
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