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A Print Odessy

A little belated I admit, but last week I went along to the private view of the Stew Print Room’s Print Odessy exhibition in which I was luckily enough to have a piece in.

The night was spectacularly well attended, with dozens of young folk, swigging beer and taking part in Luke Smith’s live t-shirt screen-printing which looked to be very popular.

Jo and Vicki (the organisers) even printed their own newspaper for the event, with a full list of artists, a pretty mammoth task when you consider they were hand-printing some hundred (or more) A2 sheets with multiple spreads!

The work itself was of a VERYhigh standard with ton of beautiful prints hanging alongside my own effort.
Some stand out work was from the peeps of Mesh Collective, a print group based at the Stew Gallery.

Anyways, the exhibition is still up so why don’t you get out of the sun for a bit and go see some lovely print work? Photos and info on the Print Odyssey website.


Making Christmas (cards)

When it comes to design the computer is an unrivaled tool but staring at a screen all day, even doing something as creative as designing takes it’s tole so it’s always fantastic to take a break from it and get my hands dirty with some traditional mark-making techniques. That’s right dear reader, I’ve been screen-printing my own Christmas cards.
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Screenprinting with my own hands!

You might remember last week I was getting very excited about discovering a place to do a bit of screenprinting, and the other night I was able to get my fingers all inky. The results can be seen on my Flickr stream, far from perfect, but really good fun to get away from the computer and get creatively dirty, so to speak.
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The exhibition that never was… and yet will be

Recently I put my head together with some fellow graduates from UCA and Alex came up with the idea of producing some work in response to the UK’s up-coming General Election, which Mike wittily dubbed the General Erection. An idea for an exhibition was born…
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Merry Christmas and all that

I also made this into actual Christmas cards, some of  you lucky people I actually sent them to, too.

Project – Aaron Tommasi site live


It’s been a while coming, but finally the site for up and coming wedding photographer Aaron Tommasi, has been launched! Dev is on-going with a few tweaks to be made but it’s looking sweet. Check it out here.

I’m really rather pleased with the way this has turned out, but clearly I couldn’t have done it without help from some top-class designers and developers. So by small way of thanks here’s some links to some very talented people. Hopefully we can work together again!

Fellow Creative


Become Known

NB. This is the first time I’ve posted my own work on here, this is in part a move towards a future use for this blog as a self-promotional tool, so if I do anything else note worthy I may chuck it up, but I won’t be back dating my work here, that’s what the portfolio site was for, and I’m a forward looking sort of guy.



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