Hello there you. How’s things? My name’s Alan. At the moment I’m using this blog-o-space to splurge thoughts from my brain all over the internet.

I like to write about things I’ve thought. Also things that I see that make me think about something. Possibly related to the original thing but I wouldn’t say exclusively (it doesn’t do to tie yourself down to definitions so early on). Also if I do something that is worth a mention then up it’ll go. Also just things that I have thought about entirely independent of other things influencing me, although it could (very successfully) be argued that everything around us influences us all the time whether we’re aware of it or not. Like I said I’m not one for defintions.

Mostly it’ll be graphic design related that being what I do, but by graphic design I’m talking the whole field of visual communication here, so again a pretty broad starting point. I don’t have a filtering system apart from my own preference, that and things will only get posted when I’ve got some spare time.

This page isn’t as helpful as I’d planned it being.

Anyway I also write for CreativePool and sometimes on the blog of Soak Digital, who I work for doing web design.


2 Responses to “who does what?”

  1. 1 markvidler June 1, 2009 at 8:36 pm

    Is that Museo I spot on your header? Nice choice

  2. 2 hedoesdesign June 7, 2009 at 2:57 pm

    it is indeed Museo! Take ten points for Grfyndor for spotting that!

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