This blog is moving!

Hello there loyal readers, and confused googlers, it’s been a while coming but I’m pleased/saddened/angry (please delete as appropriate) to announce that I will no longer be adding fresh nonsense to this blog.

I’ve finally got round to (sort of) updating my personal site and from now on I’ll be posting my ramblings over on Please update/delete your bookmarks as appropriate.

I’ll be leaving this blog here, for the time being at least, just so you can relive some of it’s memorable highlights.

First up my all-time, most read blog-post (which I guess would be people accidentally finding it on search engines), New Banksy spotted in Norwich.

There was the post I wrote in response to InternAware’s campaign, The design industry’s secret shame.

I’m particularly proud of my chronicling of my whirlwind tour of India and Nepal, and this post especially: Beggars and Snake Charmers.

And who could forget my in-depth analysis of political party campaign flyers in the run-up to the 2009 European elections?

I could go on, but it’s far more fun for you (and less work for me) to flick through the many, many high-quality posts. See you on my new site!


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