Making Christmas (cards)

When it comes to design the computer is an unrivaled tool but staring at a screen all day, even doing something as creative as designing takes it’s tole so it’s always fantastic to take a break from it and get my hands dirty with some traditional mark-making techniques. That’s right dear reader, I’ve been screen-printing my own Christmas cards.

It’s become something of a tradition of mine, if you can call two years a tradition, but this year I took advantage of the recently opened Stew Print Rooms to make some real vintage cards. Having been working on a 1950s inspired layout for the festive micro-site for Soak Digital at my day job, I thought I’d carry the theme over to my card design using a lovely free font from called Ballpark and modifying it quite a bit to create some tasty retro type.

With a bit of help from Jo, one of the always awesome technicians at the Stew Print Rooms, I was able to get a run of 30 done in a single evening, not too shabby when you consider I had to run each card through twice to get the two colours and ensure each colour layer lined up. Below you can see some images of the final design, although the texture of the cards meant that the ink didn’t take in some areas and bled in some to create an almost-authentic effect.

And (cue fanfare) here’s the finished article, front and back images scanned in from a test print. Merry Christmas world!


1 Response to “Making Christmas (cards)”

  1. 1 Tillie December 15, 2010 at 3:44 pm

    I am now the proud recipient of a Making Christmas Christmas card! Ta muchly. And it’s good to see you back in the blogosphere. I was beginning to worry…

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