Screenprinting with my own hands!

You might remember last week I was getting very excited about discovering a place to do a bit of screenprinting, and the other night I was able to get my fingers all inky. The results can be seen on my Flickr stream, far from perfect, but really good fun to get away from the computer and get creatively dirty, so to speak.

I printed some ‘typefaces’, faces made out of type (gettit?), which I had designed for a self-promotional thing whilst at uni, but it wasn’t just the sight of some old work that made me all nostalgic for my uni days. The smells of the print room, took me right back to my third year, where I spent a good portion of time trying to screen white ink onto black book cloth, no easy feat.

Luckily, despite my being blinded by tears of rose-tinted times long past, the Stew technicians, Jo and Vicky were on hand to ensure that I didn’t make too much of a mess and or get my hand stuck in the presses. Once I got started the principles all came flooding back to me, from the careful science of mixing the printing ink, to the painstaking preparation of the screens before you actually print.

The Stew’s location in the centre of Norwich makes it ideal for me and any other would be printer to potter along and use, and the girls will be operating a booking system so once people have become members of the gallery they can simply phone up and book space on the presses. Pretty sweet. Rest assured I’ll be using it again in the near future. Now I just have to try to get the ink out from under my fingernails.


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