The World Cup, an internet retrospective

With the World Cup over, the male population (and a goodly proportion of the female population) of the planet are coming to terms with the fact that they no longer have an excuse to go to the pub four or five nights a week. I do love football, not that I have much interest in following any team in particular, I just love the game and I’ve enjoyed all the highs and lows and especially the instant conversation topic I have with complete strangers.

Even the weather seems to be a sad about it, with the traditional ‘pissing-it-down’ British summer returning with a vengeance. Fear not, over the course of the World Cup I’ve been keeping tabs on the interweb to see how people are using it to celebrate that most universal of sporting events.

The Guardian created a brilliant tool combining twitter activity with a timeline-replay of all the matches, showing what people were talking about online as the game happened. It’s fascinating watching the bubbles representing keywords and topics explode when a goal is scored. There’s more info from the clever chaps behind it here.

John Osborne, a poet, author and funny bloke, has been writing poems all about the World Cup. He did claim to be doing one a day, but I’m glad he’s gone for quality over quantity. My favourite is his poem from Day 13; In a pub in Shoreditch.

Finally I saw this video featuring the near-legendary (yes he’s still alive) John Cleese, waxing vitriolic, explaining to Americans why football is so much better than American football. Enjoy!


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