NUCA Private View

On Tuesday evening, attracted by the free booze and lovely sunny weather I went down the road to see the Private View at the Norwich Univeristy for the Creative Arts (or NUCA to without time to waste with unnessacary slyables). The showrooms and street outside was packed with people, but I managed to squeeze my way around most of the courses, but I really need to go back when there’s no-one else around to have a proper look-see, especially at the Graphic Design and Graphic Communication courses.

I can heartily recommend that you do get your eyes down to NUCA and have a look round, as the standard of work on display is extremely impressive, especially the Illustration show, which really wowed me with the high standard of presentation, originality and just plain talent.

However my favourite piece of work I came across was this poster in the gents loos (somewhere near the Photography darkrooms I think). The clean simplicity of the design, the neat typography and wit of the copy-writing, not to mention Saul Bass reference really appealed to me. Maybe I’d just had one to many free bottles of Becks. I’ll put more work I liked up here soon. Promise.

Anyways the shows are open till next Tuesday, all the deets are here.


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