The exhibition that never was… and yet will be

Recently I put my head together with some fellow graduates from UCA and Alex came up with the idea of producing some work in response to the UK’s up-coming General Election, which Mike wittily dubbed the General Erection. An idea for an exhibition was born…

I wrote this (rather verbous) brief;

We live in an age of political apathy in the UK. Whilst around the world people riot and protest over the erosion of their civil liberties, the best we can manage is twenty people holding placards outside the Iraq War Commission.

In the past graphic design was always at the forefront of any political movement, remember learning about the 1968 Paris revolution which was orchestrated by poster campaigns?

Next month this country will once again go to the polls to decide a who will govern us for the next 4 years.

Let’s take this opportunity to reflect on the past and ponder the future through the medium of design.

This all happened just a couple of week’s ago and unfortunately we’ve been unable to find a venue at such short notice, the key being that as this is a response to a current event it needs to be held prior to the actual election, now just a week away.

Defeated are we? Never! This brief has had the very positive effect of getting me back in touch with lots of people I went to uni with and reigniting my passion for producing some politically motivated graphics, to make a statement, to inform and to spark debate.

I’ve put some images up of the poster that never was on my Flickr, which is fitting as most of the photos that I used were sourced through this wonderful community. Just for the record I searched using Creative Commons licensed photos and then approached each person directly to ask their permission to use their images. Every single one of them said yes (and I didn’t use all the ones I got permission for).

There’ll be more info on our exhibition 2.0 coming soon.


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