It never rains…

[image kudos due to Leonard John Matthews]

…then all of a sudden it starts widdling it down. And it’s raining creative custard. Which is a good thing.

I’ve decided to start a project I’ve been pondering for a while, one requiring the editorial skills of one Chris Scott, recently returned from Down Under. It’s early stages so I’m not going to start mouthing off about it now, but it’s going to involve other people and me getting back to my bookbinding skills that I learnt during my last year of uni.

I’ve also been trying to get involved with Jim Goreham’s new Late Night Disco Party zine, you heard it here first, a print version of the Norwich based indie dj party. As you might be able to tell, I’m missing my hand-made/print-based media and I’m really (really) hoping to literally get my paws dirty and do some screen-printing somehow. I’m thinking pull-out A1 poster.

And that’s not all. On the 18th of March, along with Chloe Wooldridge, I’m giving a talk at my old uni to the 3rd Years on the subject of ‘Life After Graduation’, the poor young fools! I’ve been pulling together some thoughts over the last few days, which has involved going through my email sent box and seeing how many companies I contacted when I was looking for work and how many job applications I put out. It was a LOT. Bit depressing, but then I remembered how much fun I had visiting studios, meeting designer-types and sleeping on people’s sofas. I actually miss it sometimes.

So shed-loads going on at the moment dear reader, but never fear, it’ll all be recorded here at some point.


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