Meanwhile back in Norfolk

So Happy New Year and all that guff, and it’s been awfully nice to have a break from the screen and get back once again to me rural roots. And true to form my parents have been busy leading the countryside life; they’ve only gone and got some chickens!

They’ve even gone for ex-battery hens, the whole shebang! As you can see when they first got them, these birds were in a bit of a sorry state.

Luckily they’re not the smartest of creatures and they’ve since recovered and grown full feathery wings.

Which means they can fly and need their wings snipped, to stop them getting over the fence. Not that they do much if they do escape, just stand around looking confused wondering how to get back in again.

The only problem is about a month after they got them, the chickens stopped laying and my folks haven’t had any eggs for weeks! If this carries on it’ll be chicken curry instead.


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