Red ones go faster!

This week I’ve fulfilled a long standing desire, boosted my eco-credentials and doubled my designer poser-status all in one fell swoop. That’s right I’ve gone and got myself a fixee.

Not just any old fixed gear bicycle, I went to my friend Bicycle Repair Man, otherwise known as Sam and spent a very enjoyable evening putting various cogs, gears and other bikey bits together. It’s mostly second hand pieces from various other bikes, which makes it twice as cool. In case you’re interested I paid him by designing and printing him some business cards, go market economy!

Here’s some pictures of the building process in all it’s greasy glory (building bikes uses lots of grease it turns out).

In with the forks!

Building bike’s uses many tools.

Like I said, lots of grease.

Finally in goes the seat. There’s a real satisfying sense of accomplishment in making your own transport (all right I pretty much just held the tools and tighten the nuts), but I feel much more connected with this red streak of bi-pedal speeding metal. You’ll have to wait to see the finished bike in all it’s glory, plus I’ve got to get the hang of riding it.


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