‘Til design do us part

a day to remember

There are definitely some similarities between the designer/client relationship and a marriage. Stay with me, there is a reasonable and straight-forward explanation for this statement. Both require considerable commitment from both parties and the actual ‘wedding’, the affirmation of intent whether through the signing of a contract or the exchange of little gold bands, will, generally, take place after some period of courtship and fact-finding about each other. And it is more often those relationships that are rushed into, where there hasn’t been sufficient time to get to know the other’s bad habits, that falter.

This thought swirled around my brain whilst I sat at the wedding of my cousin last weekend (see I told you there was a good explanation). A wedding is a celebration of the commitment that two people are willing to make to each other. Designers seem spend a lot of time bitching about their clients, but maybe if they viewed the relationship more like a marriage they would be more willing to compromise rather than sticking their heads in the sand. That and we’d also have an excuse for a big party with cake.


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