Turning over a new leaf


So I’ve moved into a lovely new flat in the middle of Norwich, described by many as a “fine city”, very exciting and all that. Amongst other perks it means I have only a short walk to work rather than a 40 minute drive or an even longer train journey. Major, major bonus.

And a fresh start has given me some thoughts on other areas of me. If you watched BBC’s excellent Future of Food series, researched and fronted by the ever reliable George Alagiah, you might be thinking along similar lines. For those that didn’t catch any of the programmes I’m talking about the increasing evidence that the modern Western lifestyle, my lifestyle is unsustainable.

So I’ve decided to see if it’s possible to radically change the way I live my life, the way I consume. Now hold on a minute chums, I’m not about to go off on one of my ethical rants. This time the focus of my wrath is just me. Confused yet? Yeah me too…

Basically I want to see if its feasible to stop buying everything from just a handful of generic shops, supermarkets, high street fashionistas, all those big corporate places that have shaped the way we live today.

I’m no fool and I’m also no radical, I like the easy option. So I’m planning to start small rather than immediately stripping off all my clothes, going to live in a hedge and forage for mushrooms.

Food I reckon is an easy place to start. Luckily Norwich has a plethora of shops which makes this even easier. Not just shops, good old Norwich is home to the UK’s largest open-air 6 day-a-week market. The challenge is going to be find the time to do it what with having a life and all.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

[image credit: magazinewood.com]


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