Countryfile, Alan style

plums on tree

This weekend I have been engaging in one of the most overlooked of countryside pursuits; fruit picking. Namely plums from of of the trees in my parent’s garden.

Here’s a couple of points to bear in mind should you ever decide to pick some plums yourself. First make sure you pick during early evening. This ensures that you have enough light left to see by, but is also the time that flies, wasps and hornets that are inevitably attracted by the fruit which has fallen from the tree, are least active, giving you a better than average chance of escaping a stinging.

up a ladder

Also endeavor to be the one at the top of ladder, as plums that are dislodged during picking hurt/splatter considerably more once they’ve had a couple of metres to accelerate.

when plums go bad

Beware the softer fruit; they may be harboring more than a stone in the centre. Wasps love to burrow into plums and lie there, drunk on juice, until your unsuspecting hand closes round them. It can take some force of will to remain clutching a ladder, ten feet off the ground, with a handful of sticky fruit and stingy insect.

bucket o plums

But for those lucky enough to survive the avalanche of plums and swarms of lethal bugs, the rewards are great ie. free fruit! Stick that up your seasonal aisle Tesco!


1 Response to “Countryfile, Alan style”

  1. 1 Tillie September 9, 2009 at 7:23 pm

    I hate to point this out, but you appear to have plagurised our dearest parents whole-heartedly with your knowledge of plums! Where is your quote on quote Daddy and Mummy Offord 2009? x

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