This just in: shock tactics still effective

In the last couple of weeks the powers-that-be (in this case the UK Department for Transport) have released two very different videos about the dangers of young people driving. Or something to that effect. The two videos take totally opposite approaches in their attempts to scare us troublesome adolescents into “not doing really bloody stupid things whilst driving a car.”

The first was a PSA which implied that police-persons (who presumably have all been trained for long-range drug-detection) can spot a mile off if you’ve been getting all high and stuff, AND THEN PUNISHMENT WILL ENSUE. It’s a much more softly, softly tactic then the traditional spraying of children across pavements with family saloons.

The reaction has been pretty luke-warm from what I can gather. The responses over on the CR-Blog ranged from snorting disbelief to outright derision.

The other video was interestingly enough created with the help of students from the International Film School in Wales, which also provided the young actors. It takes what might be seen as the more traditional approach to road safety ads (and I’m not talking about David Prose, the Green Cross Code man either). The result is a 4 minute epic.

And the reactions were as opposite as the styles of the videos themselves. Here’s a comment wall from Facebook, which, whilst hardly being a broad cross section of the target audience, does seem to suggest that the way to get through to people like myself is to scare the shit out of them.

texting while driving on facebook


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