Free Tea for all at the Boomtown Fair

look at those lovely cakes

Last weekend I was over in the Forest of Dean for the first Boomtown Fair, a fairly small, but really fun festival populated mainly by the best kind of cider swilling West Country folk. I had an absolute blast and, judging from the bleary eyed expressions of fellow campers, so did everyone else. Aside from the traditional bands-playing-music-on-some-stages, there was a circus troupe, small fun-fair rides and more cider than you could shake a stick at. However one stall was so unique it deserves a the rest of this post dedicated to it.

A group of lovely girls set up a trolley in between the camping and stage areas. They were dressed up in their finest aprons and summer dresses and were serving tea and cake to festival goers from china cups and saucers. They had home-baked iced biscuits, chocolate and sponge cake and buns and spread a table cloth on the grass to encourage people to sit and enjoy their tea in the sunshine. But the most fantastic thing about their set-up, was that they were offering tea and cake for free. Totally non-gratis. I think this was a brilliant idea that perfectly captured the spirit of the festival, although it seemed to take people a while to grasp that yes, it’s free, no, there isn’t a catch and you can have more than one biscuit.

Here’s some photos of Roxanne, Megan, Nikki and Jasmine in action with their Mobile Tea Party. Thanks girls; you made my festival!

the girls set out their wares

how much for a bit of cake?

more free cake please


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