At least it’s not swine flu…

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It began with with a just a general shit feeling at work, groggy and headachey. By the time I got home the feeling had sharpened into intense stomach cramps. Remembering someone telling me that it was good for upset tummies, I drank half a can of Coke. Almost immediately I vomited up what felt like everything in my body. Pickled Onion flavour Monster Munch may be a delicious snack, but tasting it in reverse was very unpleasant.

After spending a day lying around uselessly, the virus, which I guess was what it was, seems to have passed, with only moderate vomiting and diarrhoea. Why am I blogging about this, I hear you wonder vaguely? Well partly I’ve been stuck indoors all day feeling pretty rotten so I’m venting some frustration, but I thought I’d also consider my illness from a current, world-health crisis perspective.

There’s no doubt that the media has gone totally swine flu mad, publishing 24 hour casualty figures, to keep us all up to date and while information is key to keeping us, the public, aware of the seriousness of the threat, that the more we hear, repeated in increasingly hysterical tones, the more people are starting to panic. I do rather think that last week’s spike in people reporting to their doctor’s with ‘symptoms’ has quite a lot to do with the first reported death in the UK from an apparantly healthy individual.

Fortunately some rednecks on YouTube have answer! This video helped to put a smile back on my deathly pale face. Laughter is after all the best medicine.


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