I went to the New Blood show

new blood show

Earlier this week I travelled down to Kensington Olympia to view this year’s D&AD New Blood. As I’ve already alluded to, I attented last year as an eager young graduate, so I was keen to return 12 months on and see if what this year’s crop were up to.

As soon as I arrived I was again struck by the intimidating, overwhelming, visual assualt. Several thousand student’s work across 171 stands with pretty much every major art college in the UK represented plus a good smattering from abroad. I was forcibly reminded of my impressions from last year; that the hall resembled a cattle market, only this time I was one of the patrons, picking out the choicest cuts. Once again it was a slightly unnerving experience, not least because the standard of work was very high indeed.

I was issued with a yellow wristband – the mark of the Industry Pro, which whilst boosting my ego, did mean that students kept approaching me with uncertain grins and start asking if I was finding the work all right and if there was anything I could do to them. It was as squirmingly uncomfortable for me as it must have been for them.

I’ll shut up now and post some photos.

First off Alfie the Fox by a student whose name I stupidly didn’t record but who definitely went to Edinburgh College of Art.


Next up pixel art from Sam Burgon from the North Wales School of Art & Design.

sam burgon

Lovely looking and witty typography by Bethan Hodges who I’m pretty certain went to the University for the West of England.

bethan hodges

And finally (for now), excellent and slightly spooky model making by Charlotte Wosiek from Plymouth College of Art & Design.

charlotte wosiek

I also came back with a sack full of free brochures some of which were part catalogue, part editorial experiment, so keep one eye to the web for more of other people’s stuff being splashed across here!


2 Responses to “I went to the New Blood show”

  1. 1 Rama Salem July 5, 2009 at 3:54 pm

    The poster of Alfie the fox is made by Nigel Cottier from edinburgh college of art. You can see more of his work at http://www.nigelcottier.com

  2. 2 hedoesdesign July 5, 2009 at 8:46 pm

    Ah excellent thank you Rama! Cheers for the link ‘n all!
    Also loved your Learning a New Language piece, lovely execution of a strong idea!

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