Fun in the city

i'll be there (probably)

This is a prologue to a lovely day out I’m having tomorrow. I’m venturing out of Norfolk and heading down to the big smoke (smog) of London. I’m visiting the New Blood show and also staying up past my bed time for the 8×8 conference and I’m counting on coming home thoroughly drenched in inspiration.

This will be my third year at New Blood, once as an impressionable student, once as a highly strung undergraduate, and now once as a fully fledged designer. I’m really looking forward to seeing what this year’s bunch have come up with, especially since I had a bit of a preview at Norwich University College for the Creative Arts (not part of where I went to despite the same names) degree shows last week. Bit heavy on the branding but I’m expecting great things. Also according to all the usual blogs, Bath Spa are again worth a look.

The speakers at the 8×8 are top draw as well, the two guys who run It’sNiceThat, the guy who did the new coin designs for the Royal Mint, and a lad from Airside. I freakin’ love Airside’s work.

All in all I’m excited as I’ve been about anything in ages!

Probably should go and have a lie down…


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