Smile please, we’re designers

Today the Soak team went off to see the very talented Michael Harrington to get some photographs taken for the “About” section of our website. It seems to be an integral part of the design agency’s image, to have the faces of their employees grinning nervously online, I think in an effort to come arcoss as more friendly and approachable, which of course this industry generally is than your average small service industry business.

But I was wondering how other agencies display their profiles. So here’s a quick round-up of some other people’s sites I could find in about 5 minutes. First thing I’ve noticed is that many agencies don’t actually use photos on their sites, relying instead on the quality of their work and their salesman spiel to sell themselves. Here’s a few of my favourites of those sites that do feature mug-shots.


First up Pirata, a very nice looking site, with a nice group shot, but only bios of the company directors.


thomas.matthews have a nifty flash click through with close-up, outdoor portraits and bios of each member of staff.


Soup also use flash to create an elaborate, but very engaging page which features everyone of their thirty plus staff.

spring advertising

The lovely folks at Spring have used objects distinctive to each person rather than traditional portraits to make their site more quirky and interesting.


But the prize for most ridiculous “About” page must go to Saatchi’s CEO Kevin Roberts, who has his own website, which is pretty much just about him. Videos, blogs, photos of Kevin. Just we’ve always wanted to read about.


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