That time of year again!

show time

That’s right, it’s graduate end of year show time! Lots has already happened which I’ve missed, including Free Range and my former college’s degree show which happened last night. I couldn’t make it down, but people tell me it all went well. I intend to go down to New Blood and see if it’s painful this year as it was last time.

All the design blogs have been linking up the hottest selection of this year’s crop and there’s clearly a lot of talent out there. I feel sorry for these guys, I really do. Not only are they graduating in the middle of the most over-publicised recession of all time, but they’ve been told flat out not to bother getting into the industry at all (remember that article? No? Well I can’t find it online so just take my word for it).  Many people I know who graduated last year have been struggling to find jobs, but interestingly those who chose to go freelance are doing quite nicely. Possible alternate route there?

There’s plenty of advice floating around for those who want to read it, so I won’t clog up the information super highway with my own pearly wisdom, well let’s face it, I can’t really comment on successful job hunting. Anyway if you studied at a London college you’ll almost certainly be fine.

Stupid London centric industry.

UPDATE: Found that article at DesignWeek online, but you have to be registered to read it, so instead you should read this interesting critic by James Corazzo here.

Thank you Thoughtful6!


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  1. 1 Thoughtful 6 June 24, 2009 at 8:41 am

    Hello Alan,

    Thank you for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment on the Creative Review blog, it meant a great deal to us.


    Amy, Carrie, Chris, Ed, Lauren & John

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