Shiny new shoes

shiny shiny white shoes

I’ve just bought a new pair of shoes, Umbro brand trainers to be exact and they’re bright, glaring, almost offensively white. They’re so clean and white in fact that I feel quite self conscious wearing them, like I’ve got mini glowing lights on my feet, lighting up the pavement around me.

This got me thinking about new things. Normally new things are exciting, I like having some new electronic gizmo to play with, a new cd to listen, new is different and exciting. However I’ve always found clothes to be a big exception to this. I’ve never been entirely comfortable in new clothes, starchy fresh shirts sit awkwardly on my shoulders, I don’t like the shop-smell of socks, and I definitely don’t like wearing shoes for the first time.

It takes a while for clothes to be worn in, until they feel natural and comfortable. I do think that clothes get better the more they’re used – old is so much better than new. Maybe that’s why charity shop clothes are so much more comfortable first time on.

There is nothing quite like a really comfortable pair of old trousers.


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