Nothing to report

my desk at my new job

I’ve been a bit (very) lax in blogging this last week or so. This is chiefly because nothing very much has happened to me recently. I wish I was running one of those sites where I can post up other people’s work and say gosh look how cool I am by association, but I’m not (clearly I don’t wish that I was just being devastatingly sarcastic).

I have found the time to take a photo of my desk at my job. It’s lunch time and I’m about to eat a pitta bread filled with cheese and cucumber. Having a full time job is great for feeling more secure in myself, but has, for the time being, taken much of the excitement out of my days.

I promise I’ll work on making something worth writing about happen to me soon…

(There that keeps the content ticking over, time to eat my pitta sandwich)


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