Fight night – Mac vs PC


The age old battle, the rift that has split designers for aeons, at least as long as Apple meant computer and PC didn’t mean copper, an area so divisive that it threatens to plunge us into a civil war, the like of which we have never seen, where designer turns on designer and all previous brand loyalties are forgotten. Better start sharpening your Pantone books…

Perhaps I exaggerate. In fact I wasn’t even aware it was a choice until last year. I spent three years learning how to use a Mac, slaving away on our college’s old G4’s and slightly more perky G5’s, shaking off years of ingrained Microsoft brain washing. Apple, it seemed, was my saviour, the cool, trendy tool used by all those I admired and envied. By my second year I’d replaced my Toshiba laptop with a (then) brand new Macbook. Now I find myself in a new job and I’m using a PC, a specced out, top-of-the-range Dell. Ironic? Well yes, but like many of the lessons I’ve learnt since leaving uni the first thing you have to do is force down a slice or two of humble pie.

Turns out there really isn’t that much of a difference between Mac and PC, and once Mac devotees have finished laughing, consider this; Adobe software, the staple tools of the modern designer, run exactly the same, EXACTLY THE SAME. Fair enough the hot keys are different an ‘ctrl’ instead of a ‘cmd’. But it is the same; there is nothing you can do on a PC that you can’t do on a Mac and vice versa. It in the end comes down to personal preference.

A designer should not be defined by the tools they use (despite what Wallpaper* would have you believe) and a computer is, after all,  just another tool.

UPDATE: Just saw this on the ever smashing SmashingMagazine, all about the  “choice” to be made between mac and pc. Go clicky here to read it.


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