It’s all political

Like many people, I’ve really lost faith in the current political system. With the European Parliamentary Elections coming up, and the major political parties descending into farce, how are we supposed to make a decision on which one, if any, of these smug bureaucrats we are going to elect to represent us in Brussels. Well fear not, I’ve devised a full proof way – careful aesthetic analysis of their visual promotions, or rather, I’m going to vote for the person who’s flyer I think is prettiest.

Unfortunately for Gordon, Labour lose out straight away as they didn’t even bother to send me a leaflet.

First up are the Lib Dems.
liberal democrats flyer

The Liberal Democrat’s leaflet make shameless use of Impact titles and drop shadows on just about everything. The typography is crowded, it’s far too busy, with too many dull, muted colours to be eye catching or interesting. Attempts to create a bit of visual excitement with red colour bars, reversed out type and photos in circles, fail miserably. The photography is pretty low quality, grey and tightly cropped, not helped by the quality of the printing. It’s probably recycled paper though, and I like the A3 fold.
conservative party flyer
The Conservatives flyer uses thick semi-glossy stock with clear, bold typography and a nice combination of green and blue. The typography and general layout is well organised and consistent, although the photography lets it down, being too boring and posed for me. The left-side inside spread jars against the rest of the pages, looking like it belongs in another publication. The colours on the bullet-pointed titles also seem bizarrely out of place, almost as if the designer got afraid they weren’t using enough different colours.
green party flyer
Rather obviously for the Green Party, the leaflet they sent me is predominantly green in colour and printed on recycled paper, although taking into account their supposed ethical credentials, can they really justify carrying out unsolicited mail campaigns? I do like the choice of font, a chunky slab serif, authoritative but still friendly and used in conjunction with thin green bars with a decent consideration for consistency. I really don’t like the web style graphical ‘buttons’ on the inner right spread, they aren’t appropriate for this kind of publication, although they do reference their policies into clear, easy to understand symbols (bus = public transport!). Simple and effective use of imagery, all obviously taken at the same time, but they give a good sense of location and again consistency. Awful cropping job along the bottom edge though.
british national party flyer
I also received a flyer from the BNP. Leaving aside the disgusting, barely disguised racism (I did say I’d judge the flyers on aesthetics alone), this looks at a glance like a bad insurance company flyer. Type is plain and pretty boring throughout, the bright yellow colour very lurid, but I suppose eye-catching. Imagery used look like stock photography, mainly using poor cut-outs or white backdrops. It’s rare for a piece of design to make me actually angry, but this monstrosity managed it.

None of these efforts blew me away, meaning my experiment has rather failed. I can’t make a decision based on the graphic design of the parties as they’re all pretty awful. Is it that they don’t care about good design, or do they not understand the value it can add to their message? I think they’re missing a trick there. However when the elections come round next week I think I’ll probably just close my eyes and pick a candidate at random.


5 Responses to “It’s all political”

  1. 1 markvidler June 1, 2009 at 8:44 pm

    I bet Labour didnt send you one cause they were hard working on a fantastic design for theirs

  2. 2 hedoesdesign June 1, 2009 at 10:23 pm

    if only that were true, but they’re probably too busy trying to stuff all our tax money down their trousers.

  3. 3 Tillie June 4, 2009 at 9:31 pm

    I like the way the Lib Dems have shown me how to put a cross in a box. I was struggling.

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