One in the eye


Things I did this weekend; spent eleven hours on or waiting for trains, had two bbqs, lost at croquet, and got punched in the face. I’m pretty angry about that (the face punching, not the trains, eleven hours is pretty good for the weekend service), but I’m at least as angry about the way I reacted as I am about that actual punching. Perhaps I should have, as some friends suggested, “twatted him back”, perhaps I should have run away the moment the guy started squaring up to me. My reaction in fact was a mix of shock, confusion and, honestly, a bit of fear; who is this guy, what have I done to so offend him, why did I turn around instead of just carrying on. So I took my punch and walked away, wondering what I could have done to avoid it.

The world turns on split second decisions, in real life there is no chance to retrace your steps, no ctrl+z undo. I may lament “what if” but it’ll do me no good. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but maybe it’s better not to regret the things that have happened and look for the silver lining. For example, if I’d run a bit faster and not missed this train I wouldn’t have had the time on my hands to think these thoughts. At the very least I’ve got a conversation point until the bruise fades.


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