New job – about time too

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After literally months of searching I’ve finally been rewarded with that most sacred of graduate Grails, a job. As of Monday I will be gainfully employed as a Junior designer at Soak Digital, a digital marketing company in Norwich. Whilst this means that I’ll finally have some financial security, it does mean an end to the almost nomadic existence that I have lived this past half-year. I’m a bit sad about that; I really enjoyed flitting around different agencies, and I like to think I’ve picked up a trick or two along the way. Hopefully these things I’ve learnt will stand me in good stead for the new challenges that I’m hoping this new job will bring.

Time to grow up and be a proper designer, although what that means, I’m not quite sure. Yet.

Throughout this process I’ve turned time and time again to Adrian Shaughnessy’s excellent book, How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul. It contains sagely and down-to-earth wisdom and the passion that is apparent in the way he writes is a continuous inspiration to me. Lovely stuff.


2 Responses to “New job – about time too”

  1. 2 Tillie June 4, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    And just remember who brought you that book…

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