5 nights, 4 different sofas

girls working hard

This week I’ve been renewing aquaintences, most of this time being spent at Toggle, a digital design agency powered by Scott and Gemma from their front room in Staines. I had a great time hanging around their ‘office’, drinking all the jasmine tea and eating picnic lunches by the sunny riverside. I even got to see Carl Jeffrey again; he stopped by to check on progress of a project he and Toggle are working on. If ever there was a strong argument for working for yourself, surely ham and cheese sandwiches in the sunshine is it. Good fun and some really interesting conversations on the nature of the web and our digital future. But that’s for another blog post.

I’ve also spent a cumalative total of 13.5 hours on trains, not including 140 mins on the underground and what felt like several years on a bus in a traffic jam. I’m starting to sound like Nicholas Felton with all this statistic gathering and there’s possibly more productive things I could be doing than wasting time counting the time I’ve spent wasting time, but I think it’s important to keep on top of these things. Travelling can really mess up your ability to keep track of time and days, and the constant worry about losing my railcard is not good for my stress levels, so I’ve found that concentrating on the irreverent (there are 14 alpacas in that field, in 40 minutes it’ll only be three stops til I get off the train) is a great help. Sleeping in an actual bed is also a massive help.

(That sounds rather like I’m moaning about it. I’m really not and I’m hugely grateful to everyone who let me catch 40+ winks on their sofa. For the record I’d take my friend’s floor over a hotel room any day.)


1 Response to “5 nights, 4 different sofas”

  1. 1 Andrew May 2, 2009 at 8:09 am

    What….Even Hotel Lamke???

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