Let us eat cake!


For the past couple of weeks I have once again been on a work placement at yet another creative design agency. I think I’m becoming something of an expert in “short-stay” assessments of how such companies operate, deciding very quickly whether or not I want to stay any longer, and more importantly whether they’ll even want to keep me on. I have to say I’ve never had any problems with any of the other people I’ve worked with, they’ve been to a person, interesting, intelligent and engaging. Maybe it’s easy for them to be nice to an intern for a month as they know I’ll never be coming back and/or they’re going to lump all the shit jobs onto me so they feel as if they at least should smile whilst doing this. I’m fairly certain this isn’t the case though (most of the time at least).

The time I’ve spent at Spring, tucked away in the affluent seaside town of Southwold, has been as refreshing as the breeze that blows in from the adjacent North Sea. A nicely sized and tight-knit bunch, I feel like I’ve been taken under their collective wing, and although I know this is not going to be a permanent arrangement, it’s great not to be treated like a passing faze, like teenage acney or the yo-yo.

The ritual that I’ve most enjoyed taking part in (and this even tops CPB’s paper plane competition) is the elaborate cakes that are made whenever anyone has a birthday. By sheer luck three people had birthdays in the last two weeks (pretty long odds for a ten person office), and the cakes have been stupendously bizarre.


First up was Rob’s cake, baked by Sophie, which commemorated his beloved VW Beetle. The cake, as you can see from my crappy  phone camera picture, was coloured blue; no mean culinary feat, as was the VW logo iced onto the top. Tasting rated it excellent, light and spongy with sweet butter-cream filling.

chris' crisp cake

Second was Chris’ Crisp Cake, again made by Sophie (I think she just enjoys doing it!) and literally was a cake made from crisps, using layered tortillas and enchillada wraps, with tomatoes, cheese and peppers forming a savoury filling. Whilst it looked flipping impressive, I’m afraid to say that once it was reheated in the microwave I declined a hot, soggy slice.

sophie's chocolate cake

Finally there was the cake made for Sophie by Rob, an epically oversized chocolate monstrosity, welded to the bread board he brought it in on by the solid chocolate icing he used. Superb piece of cookery though it undoubtably was, no-one was able to eat an entire slice as Rob had, he claims, used 20 ounces of sugar in the making of the cake. Tasting confirmed deliciously chocolately up to the third bite, followed by a burning sensation behind the eyeballs and migranes.

Hurrah for cake!


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  1. 1 Katie April 21, 2009 at 12:38 am

    Hi nice blog 🙂 I can see a lot of effort has been put in.

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