Circumnavigating the South East

Ochee's office corrider (warehouse - nice!)

Ochee's office corrider (warehouse - nice!)

Over the last two weeks I’ve been shifting around a bit, passing through Kent, Sussex and the whole of London in my continuing search for employment. Being home once again I have a bit of time to reflect. Amongst the many conclusions that I have reached during this mini adventure is that NO sofa is a substitute for a real bed and that you will always meet the most interesting people in the most unexpected places (maybe because you weren’t expecting to). Also that Neville makes the best tea I’ve ever tasted, and when I say make I mean really make; this guy has his own recipe for tea which involves cinnamon and some other roots and is far tastier and refreshing than it has any right to be. I swear after I had some I could literally lift filing cabinets in one hand whilst solving complex layout problems with the other. Maybe.

I’ve spent some time down at the Skiff in Brighton, a really cool co-op work space (huge bean bag chairs), meeting all sorts of interesting people. I’ve done a couple of days with Ochee, a small but ambitious agency in Stratford. I’ve discussed the importance of getting away from it all with a guy who used to work for Tomato in a pub (the discussion not Tomato), waded through ankle deep snow to get to work, clocked up more than 15 hours on a train without going over the same piece of track (until the last bit when I came home), and heard an epic tale about mermaids from New Zealand (in a different pub) and taken part in an-everbody-in-the-club-join-in conga line to some huge 80s beats. It’s been eventful.

But mainly it’s reinforced my long held contention (I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before) that nothing worth having come easily, especially when it comes to design. However if and when it all comes good after hours of bashing your head (metaphorically or not) at brick walls then it’s always more satisfying than going for the first solution you come up with. Except when it turns out that after all that work your idea was a) rejected by the client b) lost when your mac committed hari kari (I saw this happen last week, a power book just went and topped itself bored of life apparently) or c) just shit to start with.

For a moment there I thought this post was going to be a bit too optimistic so lucky I managed bring it back to reality (ie. my usual sarcasm) quick smart. Close call though. Anyway after all the excitement of the past couple of weeks (and don’t forget V day, that was a waste of time wasn’t it?) I think I need a sit down. I wonder if Neville’s got any tea going spare…


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