Say it like you mean it

Not currently being with anyone means that I am feeling utterly indifferent and a little superior to all those love-struck couples who have been planning this day for ages. For me Valentine’s Day is up there with Halloween in the top 3 Non-Holidays (I really hate Halloween and everything it stands for, for crying out loud it’s a Pagan festival that’s most widely celebrated in the US, a staunchly Christian country).

Somewhere a greetings card manufacturing mogul is rubbing his hands together and cackling as he calculates his profit margins (inflated cost of spangely card less cost of pink-red ink and copywriting a shit poem). According to the US Greeting Card Association around one billion cards are sent world wide. That’s tantamount to ecological sabotage. This image sums up the lunacy of the day for me. Taken last night at Liverpool Street station on a phone camera (apologies for the quality) it shows a card shop besieged by males all shopping for that thoughtful and original message on their way home from work.


Who’d have thought that your individual expression of love could be bought off the shelf for £3.50 and wasn’t it lucky that the aforementioned manufacturer knew exactly how you felt about your beloved? It’s not the sentiments of the day that I have issue with, it’s the pressure that people seem to be under to do something special on this day of fully booked restaurants, wilting roses and heart shaped bakery goods. I thought romance was spontaneous and unpredictable.

Maybe I just need a girlfriend.


1 Response to “Say it like you mean it”

  1. 1 Liam Reilly February 20, 2009 at 11:29 am

    This made me laugh LOL!!

    I know what you mean ive been with my girlfriend for about 6 years and every year i try to get her something nice for valentines but its never good enlough!! I hate valentines day!! It scares me one day out of the year you are forced into buying shite!!

    I wright poems (well copy and paste from a site i found from google) buy her expensive hair products but its one good enough, i didnt get her that rose, or the poem is wrong!!

    I hate valentines day!


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