Cheers Coley’s!


For the past three weeks I’ve been on a work placement at Coley Porter Bell and I had a flippin’ marvellous time! Everyone there was very lovely and there was loads of fannying around in the office inbetween bouts of hardcore design work. Behold the paper areoplane competition!



Apparently Tom won.


Believe it or not I even did some work. Excuse the crude Photoshopping but that was as-yet unreleased stuff so I thought I’d better cover it up.

I’m (almost) back to square one again, but next week I’ll be in Brighton or as it’s known by some ‘London-by-the-sea’. Can’t wait!


1 Response to “Cheers Coley’s!”

  1. 1 Ellen Munro May 19, 2009 at 2:05 pm

    Just found your blog via that amusing piece on the D&AD New Blood posters on Creative Review. Well done on getting yourself a job… in mighty Norwich of all places. And thanks for being nice about us on here!

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