My resolve is growing for the year ahead


I saw this linked on FFF and wasn’t impressed that these talented designer/illustrator types couldn’t come up with something more original and achievable to do this year. He’ll never get round to organizing his files – you’ll see…

I generally don’t have much time for the whole business of New Year resolutions. This is because they are always the same. For me at least, a stifled moan of “I swear I’ll never drink again”, is about the sum total of my aspirations for the coming year. However this time it’s different (well I still woke up on someone else’s sofa wearing someone else’s straw hat with some sort of fur growing on the inside of my mouth and a head full of angry complaints from my long suffering organs). I’m taking a fresh approach; instead of making a list of things I’m going to try and do, I’m thinking of things I’m definitely NOT going to do. First of all I’m definitely not drinking ever again. All right that’s a total lie, but one of these times. More seriously I’ve decided to stop judging people before I know them, something I find myself constantly guilty of. I always seem to form opinions based on my first impressions which is of course totally natural and, equally obviously, completely wrong. Especially since I’m hopeless at making good first impressions. So maybe I’m only thinking of myself. If I met myself I’m sure I wouldn’t be impressed, scruffy young ruffian that I am.

In fact I’ve just decided that to ensure success in keeping my New Year resolutions I will make just one and it’s one that requires zero work on my part. I’m going to grow a proper beard. After a week’s non-shaving I’m already well on the way. There you have it this year I am resolved not to cut my facial hair until it’s at least reached my knees.


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