Happy Birthday DHR!


Did you know? The Universal Declaration of Human Rights celebrates it’s 60th birthday today. At the grand old age of 60 the achievements of the Declaration of Human Rights should be rightly celebrated as one of the great pieces of international co-operation that has set a world standard for the basic treatment we can all expect.

But today, with not only dictatorships in Zimbabwe, the Congo and others across the world, but more alarmingly, much larger, much more stable nations like the USA and China flaunting the 1948 agreement, this Declaration is starting to show it’s age. In the West we’ve definitely got it easy, making it all too easy to forget that the basic Human Rights of most of the world are ignored. Don’t ask me; I ain’t got the answers…

Best ask these people.

(nb. this originally linked to Amnesty International until someone pointed me to this organisation which is supported by AI amongst others and is much more UDHR specific)


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