Nepal: Retrospective


So I’m back in the UK early after a tragic and stupid accident involving a rickshaw in Kathmandu. Luckily it happened after I’d completed the charity build, but only one week into a four week trip. I stuck it out for another week, but was forced to come back after only a fortnight to get my injury properly looked at.

Now, sitting in Norfolk with my entire leg in plaster, I can reflect that actually I had a pretty fantastic time, no matter how it ended. I’m sure the other volunteers on the trip would agree with me that is was a pretty unique experience. I wasn’t prepared for both the extreme poverty and paradoxically how happy some of the people are in Nepal. To describe living in a tent within a village lacking in running water, electricity and basic housing and feeling so incredibly happy and content, is a pretty futile exercise. I didn’t really know what to expect but I definitely didn’t expect to make such strong connections with the locals, especially considering we couldn’t even speak each others languages.

I also got to do something something I was really, really looking forward to; an elephant ride. This turned out not to be so much a sedate safari as a hair-raising chase, the elephant charging through dense jungle and grasslands after bears and rhinos, with us hanging on to it’s back for dear life.

That experience quite nicely sums up my trip. Nothing turned out quite how I imagined it, but even during the most bizarre and dangerous twists I had huge amounts of fun. From the terrifying mountain roads between Kathmandu and Pokhara to suffering heat stoke shifting bricks in Belapur I can think of few times in my life I’ve been so happy! This is probably why so many people go traveling I think, just to experience those spine tingling, anything-could-happen-next, moments.

More musings on my experiences to come once I’ve got my head back together (my brain shattered on touch down at Heathrow though luckily I scooped them all up in a bag and am even now gluing them back together with PrittStick).


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