Thank you Michael Palin

I’ve been thinking of writing a letter to Michael Palin and it’d probably go something like this;

Dear Mr. Palin,

I thought it might please you to know that you have inspired me. Now I’m not one of those Python obsessed fans that you must often come across, although I was born very near the setting for your famous Fish Slapping Dance, which I believed is still carried out on Lowestoft quay on the third Whitsun of every full moon.

No, its not for your celebrated anarchic comedy antics that I want to thank you, rather for your tv series and subsequent book chronicling your journey across the Himalayas. It was with enormous pleasure that I read the book last year and in particular it was your descriptions of the people and places of Nepal that captured my imagination.

Almost a year on and I’m now on the brink of visiting Nepal, and not just on any old sight seeing trek, I’ve become involved in a house building community challenge project (a bit of a mouthful)  with the world charity ActionAid. I feel it’s only right that I acknowledge the reason I am taking this trip and it is you I must thank. So on behalf of myself and the native Nepali’s that I go to help I now say thank you.

Thank you.

I wonder what he’d make of that.


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